(thematic section edited by Vannino Chiti and Severino Saccardi)

This thematic section, which is inspired by the centenary of the historic Congress in Livorno, considers from an historical and cultural point of view the dialogue between the Catholics, the Left and the Italian Communist Party. It therefore mirrors the approach “Testimonianze” has been adopting since 1958, the year of its establishment by Father Ernesto Balducci. It is a secular approach, which remains nevertheless faithful to its original Christian matrix, bringing hence into dialogue believers and non-believers with a pluralist and open-minded spirit. The scholarly articles, as well as the contributions of the protagonists of that season, suggest critical considerations and personal experiences. We propose a broad point of view that overcomes both past schemes and ideologies and that does not cancel the fruitful acquisitions of such a relevant historical season to be recalled, as a source of knowledge.