(Monothematic section edited by Francesco Comina, Vittoria Franco, Severino Saccardi, Stefano Zani)

One year after her death: an entire monothematic section dedicated to Heller commemorating the Hungarian thinker and European citizen. A polyphonic portrait ( including friends’, co-workers’ and scholars’ insights ) painted by memories and thoughts, the aim of which consists in rebuilding the cultural profile of a relevant personality, who still influences the philosophical thinking of our time. The section recalls as well the existential struggle of someone, who experienced from an inner perspective the tragedies of “The Short Twentieth Century”. Someone, who likewise tried, through a far-reaching theoretical work, to analyse contradictions, points of view and hopes in a world scarred by injustice, but yet not unable to regenerate itself using a compass calibrated on authenticity, a compass concerning needs, rights and duties, all key themes of Ágnes’ theoretical speculation. A compass indicating therefore the right path towards ethical choices. Thus the profile of a woman with countless intellectual passions comes out. A woman nonetheless capable of taking immensely pleasure from the little deeds of everyday life and more broadly from every single moment of it.