This whole volume is dedicated to the crucial role and to the destiny of the Cities in times of Environmental Crisis. Cities can be regarded as Bifront Janus-Entities: carriers of all the elements, that generate air, water and soil pollution on one hand, they have on the other the potential and the resources to contribute in a significant way to the necessary about-turn. A polyphonic meditation, as required by the traditions of “Testimonianze”, brought to life by philosophical and anthropological considerations, accompanied by scientific, city planning and landscaping analysis, as well as by political and administrative thoughts. The volume includes tangible examples with reference to the role of education and the art of facing the environmental issue. The combination of the aforementioned elements emphasizes a chiaroscuro yet problematic picture of the current circumstances. While looking for alternative solutions, capable of involving the younger generation both in enhancing its awareness and in its commitment to the earth, positive starting points might arise.