(Monothematic section edited by Severino Saccardi)

A polyphonic meditation on an eternal and universal topic: Beauty. The way beauty expresses itself is analysed by multiple perspectives: thoughts regarding the variety of forms, tendencies, sensibilities and cultural identities are to be found in this volume. General philosophical, anthropological, theological, urbanistic and political considerations are present too. The plurality of viewpoints and approaches show the fundamental elements of such a complex topic. The investigation conveys the idea that beauty does not consist in a mere massified, commercialized and widespread concept, which tends to reduce its essence to a form of artistic exploitation (of the heritage for instance). Beauty is not even an embellishment we can live without. Beauty is intrinsic in our profound Human dimension including our liberty and dignity. In an ambivalent and yet complex time, such as the XXI century, its magnitude should be rediscovered and enhanced even more.